Saturday, January 5, 2013

Rupert's Fund 3rd Annual Report 2012

This year the gross total for the 3 years is a staggering £23,108.29 ($37,340.69). The total number of cavaliers scanned over the same period is 64.  Well done everyone!! It is really special to be involved in this initiative despite the hard work. 

Overall, in the total of 64 dogs, 43 (67%) were ‘SM clear’ with  less than 2mm central canal dilatation (CCD) i.e. graded 0-1a in the BVA/KC scheme for SM.  All of the dogs had CM. 
There were 27 males of which 58% were ‘SM clear’. 
These statistics should not be used out of context – this sample is biased because the research is looking for SM clear dogs only.

There is warmth that is generated by the donations to help the dogs.  On the 1st January 2013, I received £15 through PAYPAL from Suzanne Brown who has been giving similar regular amounts over the years  
“Every time a member of the For the Love of Cavaliers email list announces the birthday or, sadly, the death of a Cavalier, I make a scratch on a Post-It I keep out on my desk.  I make a $1 donation for a birthday (unless it's a special friend's Cavalier or one of my own) and $2 for a death.  I round it up after converting to British Pounds and make a donation about once every 3 months. " 

The fund also receives donations from people who wish to remember their beloved dogs like “Ella” or  “Cinders”.  Since donations can range from £10 to £100, it is paramount to us that the money must be used for greatest effect for the breed.  For this reason, the information gained from Rupert’s Fund is shared with a variety of research projects – not just the genome research.

Now that the BVA/KC cmsm screening scheme has been launched the scans have been submitted through this scheme to maximize benefit to the breed concerned as the results from this scheme not only have an “official stamp” but also will ultimately feed into a “mate select scheme”. Most centers offering a “low cost screening” service do this in conjunction with the BVA scheme so although theoretically this incurs an additional £100 cost per dog the cost of the scan is approximately £250 giving a total cost of £350 per dog. Many breeders are very anxious to locate the elusive 0a sire. 

Five different countries have been involved in the scheme but the most cost effective use for Rupert’s fund is the UK because of the financial exchange rate.  It has been disappointing that there has been only 9 dogs scanned in the last year and those owners that did participate with their dogs are greatly appreciated for helping the breed. 

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